Motivation - The Overrated Noun

I don't.

This is the very short answer to a question I'm asked daily. Now you've probably guessed the question from the title but I'll make it clear. 

Ketobelle, How do you stay motivated?

My journey started almost three years ago. You can imagine in that time I've lost and gained motivation an innumerable amount of times yet to date I live a healthier life somewhat happier life. The very reason for this is because I came to accept the sad truth that motivation alone will NOT carry you through your journey.

Motivation is like the initial spark in the relationship, when you first meet the girl or guy and it all seems so new and fresh. Then they get comfortable and things become more normal and a bit boring.  With weight loss you're seeing the scale go down and you love it, your clothes are fitting looser and you feel attractive. Then the scale stops moving as quickly or moving at all, you feel like you see no difference and you slowly start to lose motivation until you slip back into your old habits.

Realistically we are extremely emotive beings and to say, "ignore your emotions and just get on with it," would perhaps be effective for a robot, but for us its virtually useless.The real reason you lack motivation is because you're probably distraught about something and not dealing with it.  So instead of asking you to detach, I'm going to ask you to do the opposite. Listen to your emotions, validate your feelings and become more emotionally intelligent. Lack of motivation is the outcome of suppressed emotions, anxiety, fear and whole bunch of self image issues. Those are the real issues. Deal with those.

You feel as though you're working out strenuously and endlessly but see no results. The real issue could possibly be that you felt working out would make you like yourself more and you don't. You felt that you'd experience this massive change in you character and life would figure itself out when you lose weight, and it hasn't.

Short term goal: Take photos, you see yourself every day and don't notice the little changes. Photos can help give you perspective and at least help you correct your body dysmorphia. 

Long term goal: Tell yourself positive affirmations and take this as a reality check, losing weight wont make life a walk in the park. This is your insecurity, low self esteem and distorted body image feed you lies. Your value is not measured by the number on the scale.

You've been on Keto for weeks and see no changes on the scale. Okay, track your food, water and bowel movements for a week. See if you're carb consumption may be too high, or you may be retaining too much water or you may be constipated.

You're losing weight but you still don't like the way your body looks. The image you have of how your body should look... GET RID OF IT. It's fake and not a true representation of how your body can naturally look. Love yourself for the hard work you have done.

You will go through a lot of emotional ups and downs through this journey and that is OK. The easiest way to "stay motivated" is to understand you won't always be motivated and recognising what you're actually on this journey for. If its for validation from other, you'll constantly be demotivated when you don't receive the attention you want from others. DO IT FOR YOU.