How to eat Keto on the go!

How to eat out on keto


It’s something we all dread when on a ‘diet’ – going out watching our friends and family scoffing their faces with everything we can’t. However, it doesn’t have to be so hard!

Once you learn the trick of the trade you can ALMOST eat anywhere.


Remember your keto basics!

  1. Always focus on the fats
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for your food to be cooked in butter or even better coconut oil
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for extra cheese on your food – ignore the judgment and stares, you’re on a healthy path!
  1. Scrap the potatoes, bread, grains and starch (a massive keto no)
  • The most common keto friendly meals include replacing the ‘bad carbs’ with a side salad. For example, go bun-less on that double bacon cheeseburger and substitute the fries and bun for a nutritious and healthy salad.


Avoid the Condiment Carbs and dressings!

You may be feeling proud that you conquered the carbs and substituted for a salad…but believe it or not salad dressings and condiments contain lots of sugar! Your fave pesto dressing could have as much as 8g of carbs in every 100g.


Things to avoid are:

  • Ketchup
  • BBQ sauce
  • Mustard


If in doubt, the best option is mayo! Not only is mayo a delicious healthy fat, it acts as a perfect salad dressing and condiment.


Considering take away?

We have been shunned for enjoying greasy take away for centuries, but it doesn’t have to be that way! These are the best go-to keto options.

Mexican - order a naked burrito with your fave meat and ditch the rice and beans and load up on sour cream, cheese and guacamole

Indian – Ghee. It is a keto best friend! Like butter and pure fat! Don’t be afraid to ask for your favourite kebabs and mixed grills to be cooked in it, smothered in it or dripping in it. Indian paneer cheese is also a huge keto go to – full of fat and delicious!

Kebab – You can totally enjoy a kebab from your local shop but just ditch the bread and keep the salad! As delicious as it can be, be aware of donor meat as it can contain fillers!

Sheesh and grilled meat are the best option in a kebab shop and you certainly won’t regret it.

Caribbean – As carb-heavy as Caribbean food can be, you don’t just have to opt for jerk chicken every time! There is an abundance of choice when it comes to protein such as Oxtail and Jamaican Escovitch fish. But it doesn’t just stop at meat - almost all Caribbean take away shops will have sides you can have. Get steam veggies like cabbage and lots of callaloo (it’s like spinach but arguably even better)

West African – West African is a win every time! There is so much to choose from. Order some suya – chicken, beef, fish, whatever you fancy with a side of pepper soup.