Introduction to the Ketogenic Diet


Introduction to the Ketogenic Diet


The Ketogenic diet (keto) is a low carb diet. Keto does not only turn your body into a fat burning machine for weight loss but has also been shown to have lots of health benefits for those with Diabetes, PCOS and epilepsy.


Why is it called Keto?

Keto is a term derived from molecules in our bodies called Ketones. These molecules are fuel molecules which are produced when glucose is limited. These ketones are made when you consume little carbs (ideally less than 20g).


What about insulin levels?

When your body is in ketosis, (a metabolic state by raised levels of ketones) your whole body begins to fuel itself on fat.


When carbohydrates are consumed, your body releases the hormone Insulin which absorbs glucose when blood sugar levels increase. Therefore, on keto it is a goal to ensure blood sugar levels are as low as possible. As your insulin levels dramatically decrease your fat burning increases at the same rate.


So why are the carbs making us put on weight?

When blood sugar levels are very high, your liver and muscles store excess glucose as glycogen. When the storage reaches a point where it can’t store anymore glucose the insulin receptors cease to work and insulin continues to be released. As a result the unnecessary and surplus glucose is made into fat.



Why Keto and some of the benefits


  1. Weight Loss.
  2. Appetite control – when the body burns fat all day every day, there is access to large periods of stored energy which in reduces feelings of Hunger. This in turn makes it easier to lose weight as you eat less.
  3. Mental Performance – Ketones are flowing towards the brain and this has been proven to result in concentration.
  4. Better Skin – Hormonal stability can cause a decrease in acne.
  5. Decrease in symptoms related to PCOS and Diabetes – Because of reduction in insulin production, blood sugar and suppression of testosterone you will see improvements in your PCOS or Diabetes.