The Side Effects


Symptoms: Headaches, nausea, tiredness, low mood, brain fog.



The Ketogenic diet uses ketones (made from fat) as an energy source. Excess ketones are excreted in your urine as a result you will be using the toilet a lot in the first week. This increased urination not only ride the body of ketones and water but also electrolytes. The main electrolytes you need to supplement are Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium. Think of electrolyte as keys, these keys unlock certain metabolic processes. With out them the body will slow down its functions until the electrolytes are readily available. Because electrolytes are SO important the body will send a signal before electrolyte level drop too low. To put it simply, you’re dehydrated.


Leg Cramps


Another sign of dehydration are leg cramps. Magnesium is the electrolyte which is responsible for muscle relaxation and due to the increase urination you lose magnesium. Magnesium is harder to supplement through food than sodium and potassium so it is best to use Magnesium supplements.




There are two possible reasons for constipation: Low Fibre and Dehydration. Fibre is non-digestible carbohydrates. Most carbohydrates have layers that humans cant digest however because we are cutting down our carb intake quite drastically it is important to get fibre into our diet through leafy green vegetables, seeds and nuts. The second reason could be dehydration.


Bad Breath


As you enter ketosis you may find your saliva tasting differently. This is because ketones are being excreted through water vapour in your breath. This si usually short term.


Heart Palpitations


You may experience increased heart rate or heart palpitations. This is also another symptom of dehydration. Because the level of fluid in your blood is lower due to dehydration, you heart has to work harder to maintain a steady blood pressure.





As you transition between using glucose for energy and using ketones for energy you may experience some tiredness. It usually goes after two weeks when your body becomes fat adapted.




The main cause of all these symptoms is dehydration so it is very important to rehydrate.Through out the day aim for 2-3L of water. As soon as you feel a headache take a salt sho. . If possible use ¼ teaspoon of LoSalt and ¼ teaspoon table salt if not just use ½ teaspoon of salt and around 50ml of water. Take 1 magnesium supplement and one multivitamin a day.